Commission Policy



I can build digitigrade or plantigrade fursuits, full or partial. I make flatfooted shoe paws with built-in digitirade heels on the back, so it looks realistic, but you can walk comfortably. I can make the the toony style eyes with the colored embroidery fabric iris and I can make realistic resin eyes with hand painted iris and pupils. I can also make built-in female contours or muscles for fursuits, but I will not create nipples or genatalia of any sort. I can make fursuits for adults and children, but I will only create partial suits for children because they can out grow a body suit within a year, but typically, hands, feets, and head do not grow so rapidally.


I can create sewn cosplays and accessories for adults and children including shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, cloaks, capes, gloves, shoes/boot/boot covers, headbands, and cloth masks. I can also create EVA and craft foam armor and accessories.


I do not have as much experience in prop making as fursuits, but I can make simple props such as mask, swords, hammers, bows, and staves.


I accept commissions for art in pretty much any genre expect for pornagraphic or sexual acts. If I accept a commission for a nude character it will only be a furry character and/or no genatalia will be shown. I will accept commission for partially suggestive themes by my discretion. My art style for drawing is on the realistic side, I tend to draw furries, aliens, and creepy creatures. I will accept commissions including scenes of violence, excluding anything sexual based, but including open wounds, gore, blood and organs, dissections, etc. I do most of my art in traditional media of pencil, ink, and color pencil. The client can request a print or the original art, but I always keep a copy on my computer for practicing digital art.